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Our goal is to become the reference platform for the identification, implementation and acceleration of biotechnological solutions aimed at improving sustainability corporate footprint.

Our Services

We combine our consulting expertise with biotechnological competences to create unique sustainable solutions, from definition to implementation.

Strategy Definition

We collect your needs based on your sustainability target/vision in order to understand the process GAPs to fill to reach your targets.

Operations Requirements

We define together the to-be process picture and the requirements needed to execute the sustainability plan.

Adoption & Roll-out

We provide direct support by introducing in the company the skillset needed to implement all the change management activities needed.



of Sustainability Programs achieve or exceed the expectation that were set


of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainability goods


Overall sales increase due to corporate responsibility practices

Our Expertise


We provide biotech solutions aimed at reducing the waste production by either finding alternative disposal methods or refurbushing existing products.

Green Raw Materials for Production

Thanks to our biotechnological competences, we find alternative eco-friendly raw materials/products without impacting perfomances and quality.


We design strategies to foster circular economy along the Supply Chain by using renewable biological resources to produce goods with neutral environmental impact.

Corporate Benefits

Increase Stakeholder Management

Customers preferences and Investors capitals are moving towards companies that take care of sustainability aspects inside their desicion-making process.

Additional Revenue Streams

Collect used equipments; re-manufacture it and re-sell it with the same high-quality turn to find additional incomes for companies.

Optimize Business Operations

Vertical integrations in the supply chain by recycling materials used for production let companies efficient and optimize business operations.

Reduce Operating

Re-introducing recycled materials for production and/or use alternative greener components contribute to reduce operating costs, benefiting marginality.

Why Us

Sustainability Adoption Expertise

Our process specialist soul allow us to intervene in the core companies activities by designing new processes and driving the change management adoption.

Biotech Resource

We leverage our community to provide technical knowledge and expertise when designing and implementing our solutions.


We are able to provide a consulting service that embraces the whole chain, from solution identification to its implementation


Fashion & Textile

Food & Beverage


Agriculture & Fisheries


Green Chemistry

Community & Events


We feed our community by gathering together students and companies to engage them in great context and challenges aimed at finding new biotechnological solutions to support business model innovation. 

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